Google Updates – Calm Waters During Corona

Google updates
Google updates
Google is taking things easy during the pandemic

The world is at a stand still and so is Google. We are used to this Tech giant updating its algorithms with so-called ‘core updates’ approximately every three months. But now during the summer of 2020, Google has been low and rolled out minor updates in recent months. The situation has definitely been stable.

It may be that Google chooses to have smaller updates, instead of large Core updates, which can usually shake the rankings. But the last big one we saw in May. As an SEO agency, it is our job to keep track of what Google is doing, so that we can understand how they want us to improve our websites.

But it’s not completely quiet…

Google Launches new Schema Mark-up for E-commerce

Many have been waiting for the schedule markup for shipping to be made available and when is it finally here. This means that you who work in E-commerce can now tag your pages with how you send your products. So now there is a lot of support to make your snippet even better with Google Schema.

During the summer, even more schedules have been improved and added. Other than product shipping, employees have also added an aggregated rating.

Schema markup för aggregated rating
Example of the new schema mark-up

Whats next?

What matters now is to hold on tight to the hat, because soon there will be a core update that will knock our the socks off us. What Google always tries to do is improve the search results for its users, so keep presenting your website in the best possible way. Work on doing your best and everything will go well in the end.

Even if the inter really is that simple .. Sometimes you can do everything right but then even rankings are punished. But! If you fall for your rankings, there is SEO help available! Contact us and we will help you get your rankings back, and rank even better!

The 3 Buckets Of SEO | Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

The world of Search Engine Optimisation is clearly quite large, extensive and broad. We write about many different metaphors answering the question – What Is SEO? But we find that the 3 Buckets metaphor is really the most robust out there.

What Are The 3 Buckets Of SEO?

Given the fact that SEO is so broad. After all it is Search Engine Optimisation. What does optimisation mean? Where does it begin and where does it end?

These questions are broad, and can sometimes become overwhelming. Ultimately, the best way to understand SEO is as follows. There are three buckets which all of SEO fall into.

Each bucket can be tackled independently, but they all do complement each other if the work is done well.

The 3 Buckets which everything falls into is as follows…

  • Content
  • Technical
  • Linkbuilding

The Content Bucket Of SEO

The content bucket is my personal favourite but also the most accessible for the layperson. The great thing about Content SEO is that you don’t need a special education to do it well. The SEO Content bucket includes all of the on page SEO.

Things like your keywords, your written content, your headings, your images, your alt tags, your video transcripts. It is essentially the pure optimisation of all content that goes onto your site.

The Content bucket of SEO is the most easiest to tackle, but the great thing is, it’s also the bucket that offers one of the highest returns as well!

For more information on the specifics go here for the written article and go here for the podcast episode!

The Technical Bucket Of SEO

This bucket is certainly the hardest to implement on your own of all 3 and that simply comes down to the reason that it requires some specific knowledge that takes a lot of time to pick up.

Luckily, HFH are experts in technical SEO so we have the answers for you.

The technical side of SEO is all done in order to make the algorithm find you better. It also includes making your website easier for the algorithm to crawl. This is includes right up the top of importance… page speed. How fast is your website? How well can you improve this?

Do you have codebloat? Do you have excessive javascript? Do you have broken links?

The point of the technical bucket is that it is something that you the consumer might never see on the website, but is nonetheless important because the algorithm sees it very well.

It is important to note, that as the algorythms grow smarter and smarter this technical aspect of SEO will also get more and more important. This is because as the algoryms standards rise, so must you meet those standards for your SEO.

Read more about this here, and listen to this on a podcast here.

The Linkbuilding Bucket Of SEO

Linkbuilding is at the same time both the worst and the best thing you can for your SEO. I find the manual construction of backlinks a very arduous and uninspiring task, but at the same time know that it is one of the highest ROI things you can do for your SEO.

It is all about gaining authority in the eyes of the algorithm. You can tell Google how good you are all day and as long as you like. But if no one else is saying the same message than Google will not recognise you as an authority. Gaining backlinks tells Google about how much authority you have.

If you exist on Google for a long time and consistently create and make good content then over time a natural profile of backlinks will emerge as people refer to your work as validation of their own. You can purchase backlinks and you can physically go out there and force backlinks to the best of your ability, but what matters most is the quality.

You are better off having 100 really good backlinks then you are having 10,000 bad or average backlinks.

Think about this when you make your backlink profile.

Those Were The 3 Buckets Of SEO

So clearly SEO is both complicated and straight forward but I hope this article helps you understand how you can approach SEO for your strategy.

HFH is an SEO Agency with years of accumulated expertise helping different businesses and people all over the world. If you want to reach out to us for a free consultation then please do here, otherwise, download our SEO podcast – Search Engine Optimised to learn everything else there is to know about SEO!