Google Updates – Calm Waters During Corona

Google updates
Google is taking things easy during the pandemic

The world is at a stand still and so is Google. We are used to this Tech giant updating its algorithms with so-called ‘core updates’ approximately every three months. But now during the summer of 2020, Google has been low and rolled out minor updates in recent months. The situation has definitely been stable.

It may be that Google chooses to have smaller updates, instead of large Core updates, which can usually shake the rankings. But the last big one we saw in May. As an SEO agency, it is our job to keep track of what Google is doing, so that we can understand how they want us to improve our websites.

But it’s not completely quiet…

Google Launches new Schema Mark-up for E-commerce

Many have been waiting for the schedule markup for shipping to be made available and when is it finally here. This means that you who work in E-commerce can now tag your pages with how you send your products. So now there is a lot of support to make your snippet even better with Google Schema.

During the summer, even more schedules have been improved and added. Other than product shipping, employees have also added an aggregated rating.

Schema markup fรถr aggregated rating
Example of the new schema mark-up

Whats next?

What matters now is to hold on tight to the hat, because soon there will be a core update that will knock our the socks off us. What Google always tries to do is improve the search results for its users, so keep presenting your website in the best possible way. Work on doing your best and everything will go well in the end.

Even if the inter really is that simple .. Sometimes you can do everything right but then even rankings are punished. But! If you fall for your rankings, there is SEO help available! Contact us and we will help you get your rankings back, and rank even better!

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