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Master the Google Algo

Why let HFH take charge of your Search Engine Optimisation needs?



Because we are looking at how to solve Search Engine Optimisation problems from first principles. 

How can I better understand the algorithm that determines search results?  How can I better understand the incentives and motivations for Google?


What is SEO?

We encourage you to look through our case studies to determine whether we are the right agency for you, but no matter what you are thinking, the best thing to do is to book a free consultation with us first.


What Are Google’s goals? 

Think of Google as the worlds biggest index. We always describe Google as a librarian working at the world biggest library. You ask the librarian about a specific book or perhaps a book an a topic.

Any librarian points you to the right section and you can look through the books and find one that best suits you. A great librarian will give you a book that answers all your questions about you topic. Google aims to be the latter and the books are the websites. 

Google thinks about searchers and their intent, what HFH does is relating your information in the best way to Google. It is essential that Google knows what your website is about and who might be interested in visiting your website.   

How is SEO Stockholm different to everywhere else?

SEO in Stockholm and Sweden in general differs greatly from across the world. HFH have experience in all the English speaking markets, these are the most competitive markets online since english, at large, is the language of the internet.  

As for a Swedish website, writing in Swedish and targeting Swedish clients, this is great news for you. We bring that competitiveness to a less competitive market. 

We are asking these questions everytime we are confronted with the SEO needs of our client. 

We will run a quick analysis of where you are, speak with you about where you want to be. 

And then act.